1. A Valentine’s Day Playlist, as played on The Shambles on Triple H 100.1 FM

    Triple H 100.1FM The Shambles! With Nathan and Roger Valentine’s Day Special Playlist, filled with 100% romantic and Valentine’s Day appropriate songs!

    1.  I Like You So Much Better When You’re NakedIda Maria [x]
    2.  Love Love Love - Of Monsters and Men[x] 
    3. I love Little Girls - Oingo Boingo [x]
    4. Fuck It - Dune Rats [x]
    5. Love Less LoveSparkadia [x]
    6. Same LoveMacklemore x Ryan Lewis [x]
    7. Hold On My Heart (Presets Remix) – Sarah Blasko [x]
    8. Beach SlutBleeding Knees Club [x]
    9. Andrew In Drag (The Magnetic Field) – The Shins [x]
    10. I Touch Myself (The Divinyls) - Washington [x]
    11. Boys Don’t CryThe Cure [x]
    12. I Will Lick Your Arsehole – Regurgitator [x]
    13. Hungry Heart (Bruce Springsteen) – Divine Fits [x]
    14. I Cum BloodCannibal Corpse [x]
    15. HeartbreakerGirls [x]
    16. Forever and Ever Amen The Drums [x]
    17. I Get WetAndrew WK [x]
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